I'm in trouble...

Yep, Tyler has discovered that he can climb up the railing on his crib. Guess that means today I will be lowering his mattress.... What a big kid he is getting to be. All these things are starting to happen with him and it's so exciting!

Also, here is Zachary last night at Friday Night Smackdown! He loves going to G&G's on Friday nights because they have cable and he gets to watch this show! So last night him and Grandma went and they had GREAT seats! They had so much fun and saw lots of matches with people they new! He didn't get home until almost 11 and thought it was so cool that he was out late with Grandma! :)
School is almost out! I am sure if I asked Zach he could tell me exactly how many days are left, but I don't know for sure. Less than a month, I do know that! We are excited for the year to be over and have some vacation time. Our new backyard has a great slip and slide hill and Zachary is itchin' to go down it! I am just excited to sit in the sun and go to the lake. Hopefully Tyler will like the water. He enjoys bath time, so we'll see! :)

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