Happy Monday

Man, was it ever beautiful out this weekend! I tried to soak up as much sun as I could! :)

Friday Tyler showed me a new trick he does.

 He doesn't quite crawl still but manages to make it from one side of the house to the other in about a minute or less. I still have not put up the baby gate and really need to do it yesterday. ;) I would like to get a different one because the one I have I got from a used baby stuff sale and it's not the most user friendly. But I guess it works! 

Here is his "get out of my face with that camera" face. I get this one a lot.

 Me and my boys

Here is another thing Tyler discovered this weekend
Yep, the door stop. He thought it was pretty great! 

Saturday we set up the slip n slide since it was in the high 70's. Zach enjoyed it very much and 
Travis even went down once!

 Tyler had his first run in with grass and was not sure what to think!

My family :)

 He's coming to get me!

My sweet boys 

Tyler trying to sneak in a bite of grass

Guess it didn't taste good! 

Sunday we went to Silverwood and this is the only picture I managed to take but it's the boys coming off of the log ride. I was looking forward to riding the umbrellas that are over top of the bumper boats, but part way through our ride some lady threw up and they had to get us all off so they could clean up... Talk about gross!

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