Thoughts and Prayers needed for a sweet baby girl

So when I was pregnant, and shortly after having Tyler I would go onto this baby forum for parents. Just a place to talk about what is going on with your pregnancy, and new babies. Or just life in general. There was this little girl that I was partial to. Not just because her name is Kate, but because she is cuter than cute! Anytime I talk to Trav about something on their blog, I refer to her as "The cutest internet baby", because I do not know this family in person.

Her parents had struggles getting pregnant and once she got here, Kate had her own struggles. This baby has been put through test after test to figure out what is wrong, and just this week it was discovered that she has Congenital Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia. What does this mean for this sweet baby girl? It means she has a very rare genetic bone marrow failure. There are less than 100 known cases in the world. (Yes, I said world!)

Please click HERE to take a look at her mom's blog, and see sweet Kate.

What I am asking is that you pray for this family. Pray for this little girl who deserves a chance at life. It takes just a moment to add her to your prayers, please please do this.

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