June is here!

I scrapped my butt of this month and have a ton to show for it. Most of it I will not show here because I "scraplifted" the ideas and don't have links for everything. But here is one I will share.
I got this page idea from a message board that I frequent. Those ladies brought my attention to a great layout that I somewhat duplicated.

Anyway, My goal for May was to complete 20 scrapbook layouts and 5 cards.
What was actually completed was 45 scrapbook pages and 3 cards!

I was so busy doing layouts that I didn't get around to many cards. But I am okay with that. I am about 3/4 the way through my 2010 album. Though I am just to the point where Tyler has come into our lives, so my picture taking increased tremendously. :) This years book I think will be the biggest ever... And I have had some BIIIG books!

Now for June! My goal will stay the same. 20 pages, 5 cards. I also will be making Bridal Shower invitations this month too. (About 15) so I will have another busy month! Looking forward to it!

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