We've got Teeth!

Well, we've got tooth is more like it. Just one tooth. Last week I felt in Tyler's mouth and felt the jagged little edge across his gums. So excited that a tooth finally popped through. It's not much over the gums, so you can barely see it, but it's there! Last night I had a dream that he had 4 bottom teeth. haha.. glad that has not happened!

Also as today is the last day of May I am finishing up one last layout then will let you know tomorrow how I did on my scrapbooking goal for May!

Travis had to head back to work today after 6 days off. I would like to say that we had a great vacation, but he spent most of it with the yard. It is looking really nice though. We added another section to our retaining wall. I will try to get a picture up later. We have shrubs but have not planted them yet. I see a busy summer of landscaping in my future!

Edited to add above photo! The upper section of rock is what Travis added this past weekend. It's looking great and will really be nice once the plants are in! The other half of this hill has not been landscaped yet. The shrubs against the back wall he put in last weekend. One day when they are bigger they will provide a great sound barrier to the busier street that is behind us! It's hard to tell from this picture but we have a great slip'n slide hill that Zachary is dying to try out this summer!

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