What's in a name?

After a lot of thought I have decided to change the name of my blog. Not only that, but I will be changing my URL. What does this mean for you? I am not exactly sure.

I know that I have to change my link where ever I have posted it. But if you have it book marked, or follow me then you might not see me anymore. (I really am not sure on this!) 

So what I am asking is that if you ever check my blog and would like to continue reading it in the future, keep checking back. Check back to my Facebook, or to where ever you found my link. 

When I picked the name And baby makes four, it worked well at the time, as I was pregnant with baby number 2. But as my family will continue to grow, it doesn't seem as fitting. And while I am changing to a name that may not be very original, it will work for out family and my blogging. 

More to come!

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