Today is a happy happy day!

So for quite some time my battery has been dead in my computer, so we always had to keep it plugged in. And just recently my cord started to not work. I found one online for a whipping $6.52 versus $65 at Staples and ordered it. I got it on Friday and have a computer again! YAY! 

Now even better news! My camera cord has been going out for a long time. I never transfer my pictures to my computer anymore because it takes so long for it to read. Well this morning I decided I needed to transfer pictures as I am heading to a bridal shower shortly and my memory card is full. Dreadfully I picked up the cord and plugged it in, and first try it worked. There must be something wrong with the cord right? 
Yep- It was the cord to charge Zach's MP3 player. I can't believe it worked but I am really excited that I can use that going forward! And I was able to get all my pictures transferred!

Here are a couple of new pictures! 

 Tyler has has his two bottom teeth for a while, but you can kinda see them here. I have not other pictures of those sweet little teeth! :)

My sweet baby Tyler is now 9 months old! Here is our little photo shoot!

I was trying to get a good picture of my boys cuddling on the couch. I swear that every time I try to get a picture of the 2 of them, one of them does not cooperate! It's ok... This way we get funny faces like this! :)

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