This sums it up

I feel like lately I have been struggling to know who cares, and who really doesn't. 
This includes both family and friends. 
I thought this quote sort of summed it up for me. 

I think that I have had a hard time differentiating between friends and acquaintances.
I'll say, "My friend, so and so" but are they my FRIEND? no... they're not. 
Friends are there when you need them. And when you don't. 
Friends are there in good times and bad. 
Friends don't care if my house is a mess or if it's shiny clean.
Friends don't talk behind my back. 
If there is a problem, they say it to my face so it can be worked through. 

How many people like this do I have in my life? 
I would say only a handful. 

Are you one of these people?

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