Snow play!

 Last week we got our first snow, 
and it was Tyler's first "real" time of being in the action!
He wasn't impressed! 

But here we are, playing anyways! 

Zach trying to sled... He didn't get anywhere!

Sweet brothers :)

Jada getting her exercise playing Frisbee!
Me and my little TyMonkey!

Sweet boys. :)
Me and my ZachyBug
Dad and Tyler

Having a moment. :)

Dad and his boys. :)
And finally, me and my hubby hubs <3

Tyler really didn't enjoy the snow, and it was freezing out so we 
didn't stay out long before heading back into the warm house!

Tyler also turned 13 months old on Saturday! 
Time seems to go so much faster with 2 kiddos!
But I am a lucky lucky mama!

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