Gypsy love :)

I have been working on my scrapbook like a crazy woman this month, 
but I have to say that I had a small damper put on it. 

My Gypsy that I got for my birthday last year went belly up a few weeks ago. 
Maybe right around the first week of the month or so. 
Luckily after talking to customer service
they sent me a label and had me ship it back and they sent me a replacement.
Thank God! 

A couple of things are a big fat bummer with this:

First, when you "link" your cartridges to your Gypsy, they can not be loaded to another Gypsy. 
(So you can share with your friends if they have a Gypsy too)
And second, because of the errors I was having, all of my saved projects are gone. 
That is huge because I probably had at least a couple hundred projects saved. 

The good in all this? 
They were able to give my new Gypsy the same serial number so I can relink my cartridges, 
the bad thing?
I sold a ton of my cartridges! Oops!
I knew better. I knew that if something happened I would be out those carts.
And here I now am, about 15 cartridges less than before. 
Another thing is that some of those cartridges I had sold were my favorites! 

So what have I learned?
Not only will I never sell another cartridge again, 
but I now will be backing up my files from my Gypsy.

I got my new Gypsy today. 
I heard the door bell, looked outside to see the FedEx truck, 
and was thinking, "What did I order?"

But when I picked up that box and saw it was from Provo Craft, 
it was one of my happiest scrapbooking moments! :)

Now I am getting it set up. 
Which takes forever!
But I can't wait to play with my Gypsy again! :)

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