15 months

What a big boy I have on my hands. 
The past 15 months have cruised by!

Last week we went in for Tyler's 15 month well child check up and he was a whopping 
22 lbs and 31 inches. He is only in the 20th % for weight and 40% for height. 
Guess my little chunky monkey isn't really all that chunky, huh?

Here he is enjoying a nice bowl of Ravioli's. :)

Potty training has taken a hiatus. 
Now that he can reach the floor he tells me "done" and is getting up as soon as I sit him down. 
We are still working on it but he only goes about once a day/every other day.
I don't want to force him because I don't want this to be a negative experience. :)

Right now Tyler still has the same 8 teeth. 
I am actually glad he has not gotten anymore yet because he has such a hard time with them coming in.

He is at a run these days and not showing any signs of slowing down. 
I love watching him all over the place!

When he hears dad get home he stands at the baby gate and screams, "dada!"
It is really cute how much this boy loves his family. 
He gets excited when Zach comes home from school, but shouts out, "bubba!"

Tyler loves to eat, but has pretty much lost interest in you feeding him. 
He has been self feeding for quite some time, but the occasional "mom give Tyler a bite" is not happening. 
He wants to be completely in charge. 

He also has a new favorite word... No. 
Luckily so far he doesn't "tell me no"
He just uses it when you ask a question.

"Tyler, do you want to go swimming?" "No."
"Tyler, do you want some water?" "No."
Zach asking, "Did you have a good day today, Tyler?" "No."

It's actually pretty cute right now, but I know that will change!
We are working on Yes! 

Some of his newest words besides "no", are yes, thank you, yes please (together), and cracker.

This boy is just a sweetheart. I think I wrote before that he loves to give "loves" and to give kisses, but now when he gives kisses, he says, "muah". It's very cute. :)

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