Mid January update

A few mornings ago I was standing at the kitchen table working 
on a scrapbook page and I hear Tyler say, "mama".
I turn around to see this:

Yep, Tyler standing on his firetruck! 
So I snap a quick picture and then tell him he can't stand on the firetruck!

Fast forward 15 minutes. 
Standing at the kitchen table working on a scrapbook page
when I hear, "dada, dada, dada!"
I look over to find this:

 Tyler looking for dad out the window!

Again, snap a picture and get him down!
We have been working on sitting on his tush because he'd rather stand on his rocking chair!
So when he stands up I will tell him to sit on his tush and he usually will sit down. :)

We also tried to get a family picture the other morning before heading out to do some errands...
It was pretty much a fail. :)
Tyler doesn't like to look at the camera, 
but instead look at us to see what we are doing!

This last one might not have been half bad if I didn't look like I just woke up! 
I have been working like crazy on my scrapbook and I have far surpassed my monthly goal of 11 pages.
I have currently finished 23 pages on my 2011 album! 
Super pumped about that!

I have ordered the pictures to do Tyler's first year album
and will probably start that this weekend since I need to get it finished by the end of February! 

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