Tyler, Oh Tyler!

This kid is just one of the sweetest kids I have ever laid my eyes on. 
These days he is so lovey one moment, and independent the next.
Tyler loves to give kisses to us and his teddy bears.
When he hugs you, he'll even pat your back. :)

"Potty training" is still going good. 
He is still going 3-4 times per day. Sometimes more. 
He has even done a #2 several times. (And thinks it's VERY funny!)
Clapping when he is "all done"
If he poops in his diaper, he sometimes tells me "poo poo" 
and will walk toward the bedroom where he gets changed.
So we are on the right track, for sure!
He loves to play with all of his new toys he got for Christmas! 
He got a lot and sometimes I think he doesn't know where to start! 

He really loves the airplane he got from our friends,  Kim and Dalton, for his birthday.
He pulls it around the island in the kitchen.
Going around and around! 

But for Christmas he got a puppy that barks and wags its tail. 
So now he pulls both. :)

A couple of weeks ago I put shoes on Tyler for the first time since he started walking. 
He sat on the floor and threw a little temper tantrum for 25 minutes in the spot
where I put the shoes on, refusing to get up!
Needless to say, he was not happy!
But now he has gotten used to them.
So this past weekend we went shopping for a new pair.
You can't see them very good, 
but yesterday Zach and I joked that he looked like he was going out for a run, 
with his little tennis shoes, and running pants.

Tyler gets so involved in playing with his toys.
Yesterday was one of those days.

Loving on his teddy bear :)

Climbing into his toy box

Stuck: Half in, half out! 
Calling Mom for rescue!

This morning he was busy playing away while I was working on a scrapbook page.
I look over to him grabbing the blanket off the couch.
He brings it over and sat on the floor next to me.

I say to Tyler, "Are you ready for a nap?" 
He nods his head yes, gets up, and heads for his bedroom.
Sleepy boy. :)

I go lay him down and come back to the front room.
This is what I see:
This is what it looks like after a boy has been Hard at Play!

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