100 day picture challenge. Day 5

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

I have so many "favorite memories" that it seems a little silly to pick just one. 
Besides the obvious of my boys being born, here are a couple!

The day I met Rascal Flatts was pretty amazing. It is for sure, a day I will never forget.

The day I married Travis was wonderful. 
We shared the start to our life with our close friends and family, 
and I couldn't be more grateful for this man. He is truly amazing. 

The day Zachary and I first stepped inside Disneyland
was a day I will never forget! 
At 27 years old, I freaked out like a 5 year old seeing Mickey Mouse! 
I think Zachary was in such awe that he didn't know what to think. 
It was a great way to celebrate Zachary turning 8!

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