100 Day picture challenge. Day 8

Day 8- A picture of your most treasured item

Well, this is a huge mess but here are my most treasured items. 
My scrapbooks. 
I put so much time, effort and money into these things. 
I would be very sad if something ever happened to them. 
And I hope once I am no longer on Earth someone takes good care of them, 
and enjoys looking at their family. 

There are 15 completed albums,
2 in the works albums,
and 2 that I have not started but will hopefully have completed by the end of the year. 
I also have 2 books upstairs on my scrapbook table that are in the works.
And another album that you can't see in this picture that I have not started yet. (Wedding) 

They are a lot of work but this is an amazing hobby that I love to do!

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  1. I bet your kiddos will look back on all these treasures and be proud to show them to there kiddos! You do such amazing work and they will laugh and cry and really enjoy the memories!!


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