100 day picture challenge. Day 35

Day 35. A picture of your home town

Well, no picture today. Though I do somewhere have pictures I have taken of my "hometown"
I couldn't tell you where those are, other than in a box in my scrapbook room. 

I tried to find something on google maps, but I didn't have any luck there either. 
But if you have ever been to Elk, Washington,
you know you are not missing much.

There is one stop sign. 
A small newspaper,
a little store,
a volunteer fire department..

My parents still live in the house that I lived in since just before I was 1 year old.
I have so many family members out there,
but that place is just not me. 

Though I will be sad if my parents ever got rid of there house, 
I have some amazing memories there, I have moved on from Elk, Washington.

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