100 day picture challenge. Day 64

Day 64. A picture of you at work

Just now with my 2 favorite co workers. 
Today is a pretty busy work day. ;)
Zach is on Spring break so we are headed to grocery shop
and Zach is using his gift cards to get a new game for his 3DS. 
Then we are doing a drop off/ pick up at the library,
then we are coming home.
I have a few loads of laundry to get done,
dishes are already loaded into the dishwasher,
then I need to sweep, maybe wash the windows,
then get my blog posts ready for the weekend.
I will be able to get that all done while Tyler is napping
then it will be play time when he gets up! 

 Most days keep me going pretty much all day. 
I always have things I want or need to get done that day.
This lady sure isn't eating bon bons and watching soap operas! 

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