100 day picture challenge. Day 67

Day 67. A picture of you falling

I actually don't have a picture of me falling.
But I have fallen too many times to count!

One time in high school me and two of my girlfriends went home after school 
to get ready for a football game and dance.

When we were leaving my house, Nicki said, "shotgun" and we both started running for Randi's car.
Well, my dog, Abby, ran out in front of me and I tripped over her and went FLYING 
through the air and then came skidding to a stop!
It was really awful! 
And though I can laugh about it now, 
I was bawling then!

I skinned the heck out of my hands and arms but was surely 
okay enough to head to the football game and dance that night! 

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