100 day picture challenge. Day 73

Day 73. A picture of you somewhere warm

Zachary and I in Sunny California....

A lot of people probably know I don't need to leave
my own backyard to get a picture of "somewhere warm", 
as Spokane, Washington has plenty of hot hot hot days!

But when I think of somewhere warm, 
I think tropical, ocean water, palm trees....
Since our Disneyland trip was the closest to tropical 
that I have been yet, I'll take it!

I really loved being down in the LA/ Anaheim and San Diego area
It was beautiful. 
I loved walking down the street each day 
after our daily adventures, 
with Palm trees lining the roads.
I really hope to someday get back there with the entire family!


  1. Hopping over from UBP! Wanted to thank you for visiting my spot on the web.

    I love the picture! Tropical sounds like the island I live on here in SC. Always sunny.

  2. Hey. This is Virginia from Mom In Love Forever... =) I used to live in LA. I miss it! Love your blog. You have a beautiful family!

  3. What a sweet photo! Disneyland is a lot of fun but if you want hot and tropical, you must plan a trip to Disney World in Orlando--it is amazing! Thank you for your sweet comment over at Team Skelley, I really appreciate it. I love your blog design!

  4. Thanks you guys! Katie- I would LOVE to go to Orlando.... Mainly for the Harry Potter stuff but Disney World too! Someday....


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