100 day picture challenge. Day 76

Day 76. A picture of you drinking something

This is the ONLY picture I could find of me "drinking something"
(besides the picture I used for a different day)
And technically I am not drinking it, I'm holding it but it'll have to do.

It looks like a Mike's Hard Lemonade of some sort, 
I really am not sure because I think it's the one and only time I ever had that...
and this was back in 2009.

I am so careful about posing my pictures just so, 
and having nothing in my hands, 
maybe I should learn to RELAX and have some actual candid pictures?


  1. You should relax! ;)
    Candid photos are THE BEST!
    Thanks for the comment the other day! You made my day... seriously... you made me smile from ear to ear!
    Take care!

  2. I know, but I am not really a good relaxer... :) I'm gonna try! And you are welcome... You really do look great! :)

  3. Did I take this photo?? And maybe you were holding my drink so I could take the photo?? LOL :) Everyone looks so different, Kim has long hair, Neo has red hair now, well Karri looks the same and well your hair is longer and just brown!! I remember fun nights like this!!! Love all you girls!

  4. Shantel- You might have taken this... I don't know why we wouldn't have had one of the guys take it so you could be in it instead....?


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