Mama's got a new ride!

That's right!
I was less than a week without a car of my own!

Last week we found a car that we liked
but it was out of town. 
We saw a lot of pictures but finally decided we needed to see and drive it
to know if we could get it! 

We knew we were going to get a Toyota Sienna
and we knew we were going to get one with AWD.

The one thing I really wanted was a sunroof- 
that was one of my favorite parts of my Vibe.

Anyway, this one fit our criteria 
so off we went on a little road trip!

And we just got home this evening
and look what is in my garage tonight!!!

It's my Toyota Sienna!

I am really excited! Especially because for a long time I was anti mini van!
But now that number 3 is on their way we had to do something!
After a lot of research we decided that a van was really the way to go. 

We needed something with the captains seats in the second row
and this was in our price range! 

I loved driving it home today and the boys looked pretty good in it too! 
And I love all the space inside! 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more pictures of the inside!

On a side note, you cannot make the road trip we did without stopping here!
Travis has never been to Multnomah Falls so of course we had to stop!
I don't drive past here without stopping!

Love that the belly made their first trip to Multnomah too! 
And I love these boys!

I also got to see my sister and her family
and I don't see them nearly enough. 
But unfortunately I didn't take any pictures!

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  1. It is AWESOME!! So happy for you guys! Can't wait to come check it out!! Hope to see a pic of you soon behind the wheel!! :)


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