Swagger Wagon.... the inside

I finally took some pictures of the inside of my Swagger Wagon!

I am LOVING this van!

I really rebelled against having a van when I was a bit younger.
But after a trip we took right after Tyler was born,
where we couldn't even see out the back window
because the cargo area was that packed full,
I think we knew we were going to have to get another vehicle sooner than later!

Then, once I got pregnant, the race was on to get a new car 
that fit our growing family. 

I am sooo glad we chose the Toyota Sienna! 
I'm sure other vans are fine too,
but getting the Toyota name, which seems to last forever, 
is refreshing when "my everything" is in tow! 

One of my favorite features is the stow n go seats. 
I didn't take a picture of this, but the third row folds down completely flat
which is so great! Or we can fold just a part of it!
So when we go to see Trav's dad, we can take the dog.
We can keep up the seat for Zach, and put Jada's crate right next to him, 
plus have tons of room still for luggage!

Another thing is this van has 13 cup holders! 
Who needs that many!?! That is almost 2 for each person, 
IF we have a packed house!  Good to know 
in case we have several drinks at a time!

For now, Zachary is sitting in the 2nd row but will be 
moving to the 3rd row once the baby is here.
And at that point I will move Tyler to forward facing so Zach
can get out that passenger side door.

Lastly, if you've never seen this video..... WATCH IT NOW! 
Soooo funny! 


  1. Wow 13 cup holders!! That's impressive! I love Tyler sitting in his seat with his BIG mirror so you can see him! Looks awesome MOM!! Can't wait to one day ride in it! :) :)

  2. Yes, I am sure you will take a ride or two in there with me! :) We can even fit both of our crews in there if we wanted! Ya, the 13 cup holders seems a little over the top! haha!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment you left this morning :) I, too, have a minivan. A Toyota Sienna as well! Soul mates, we are ;) Can't wait to read more and I wanna see some baby bump pictures. We aren't having anymore so I need to live vicariously through others.


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