100 day picture challenge. Day 96

Day 96. A picture of your favorite movie

I love a lot of movies, right? Especially girl gets the guy in the end type movies.
But my ALL TIME FAVORITE might surprise you!

Picture courtesy of imdb.com

Have you heard of this? 
Ya, I didn't figure so. 
It came out in 2001... My senior year of high school. 
But I was not introduced to it until about 2003.
I went to the movie store and rented it
and after watching it I went online and bought it. 
I loved it!

Ya, it's French. 
Yep, their are subtitles.
But it's a great story about a quirky girl who lives life
and finds love along the way.

You should rush out to watch this...
It really is great.
But don't watch it if you are distracted,
you'll need to pay attention.

Now check out my favorite movie, Amelie

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