Friday letters

Dear weekend, I have been waiting for these hot temperatures for so long. I can't wait to enjoy the 90's you bring! Dear Channing Tatum, I look forward to watching you for 2 hours tomorrow. I will make sure to bring my tissue... to wipe up my drool. Dear Zachary, thank you for giving in and letting me cut your hair last night. You look like my handsome boy again and not just a long, dirty haired boy. Dear Tyler, I would love if you would go back to sleeping in in the mornings. 6:30 is just too early for this mama. Dear baby in my belly, your kicks never get tiring to me, so keep on kicking. Plus, you make me nervous when I don't feel you for a little while. Dear leg hair, I would love it if you would stop growing. Or at least slow down. You are getting harder to reach and I am thinking of forgetting about you all together. Dear husband, thank you so much for working so hard to get Zachary's bedroom done. I appreciate everything you do.



  1. awww! When do you find out baby #3's gender? Congrats!! :)

  2. I found you on the link up.

    You made me remember being pregnant. Oh, dear, I forgot about not being able to reach those leg hairs!

  3. Congrats on the upcoming addition! :) So exciting! My family just added our first niece by birth (we have one step-niece) and it's beautiful. Have a great weekend! *found you on Friday Letters!*


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