Friday Letters

Linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for another Friday letters.
Last week I skipped because I half forgot, half didn't have anything to say!


Dear Friday, I am glad you are here and I get to have my husband home for 2 extra days! 4 days will still not be enough, but it's a start. Dear Zachary, I am so glad you will be home today. I know you are having a fun time with your cousins, but this mama bear misses you! Dear Tyler, I know I said I wanted you to sleep later later than 6 am, but sleeping until 10 and then not napping doesn't work either. It makes for a very crabby mama and little boy. Please find a happy medium! Dear baby in my belly, their are only about 8 1/2 weeks (or less) until I get to meet you. I can't wait to cuddle you in my arms. Dear basement, one of your rooms will be completed this weekend and you will have a new tenant. I can't wait to not stare at your ugly walls anymore and instead look at an actual room. Dear weather, thank you for finally being nice and warm. I am loving your hot hot hot temperatures! This mornings extremely loud and (incredibly) close thunder was a little scary though and woke up the house!

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  1. Just stopping by on the blog hop! Love your blog, soooo cute!


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