Recommend your book... Take 2!

So a while back I asked about sharing your reading list.... You can see that post here

I was hoping for a big ol' list of books... but I instead got two book recommendations!
They were great recommendations, don't get me wrong! But I need some more books to read,
so show me what you've got!
What have you been reading? What is a book you'd recommend?

I am open to any suggestions... So throw them out there!


  1. Anything by Emily Giffin, Larry Watson, Beth Harbison, and Mary Kay Andews get my vote. I hope you read one and enjoy it!

  2. I actually finished writing a book!
    It's called The Palace Keepers and it's about the purity of the heart:

  3. I second the Emily Giffin (she's got a new book coming out on Tuesday!) Also, I just read "Slammed" and "Point of Retreat" by Colleen Hoover - they were AMAZING. Also, "Flat out Love" by Jessica Park. Sooo good. And easy reads. :)

  4. Thanks Ladies! This gives me somewhere to start, for sure! I've just downloaded some of Emily Giffin so I'd better get to reading! :)


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