July already? Goals and such

Boy, oh boy these months are passing quickly.

With 78 days until D-Day, I can't wait to hold this little one! 
And I know the time will be here in a blink!

When I made our summer bucket list back in May, 
I had big plans for what we were going to do, 
and so far, we haven't done a lot! 

These are some of the things we've done:

-- Story time at the library (we go every week) 
-- Ice cream from the ice cream truck
-- movie night
-- sidewalk chalk
-- run through sprinklers

That is about it! So we have a lot to get going on! 
And I'm sure the ones we have done will happen again!

For June I wanted to get my freezer meals planned
Here they are- I'm glad the planning is done and it won't be 
long before I am getting these made.
I also wanted to make some baby headbands.
This didn't get done....actually I completely forgot about that goal. :)

The last goal was to make some things off of my Pinterest boards to make.
I didn't complete anything other than recipes, 
but I do have a couple of projects in the works, yet I have no finish in near site! lol...
I'm really getting no where! :)

For July, I'm starting to plans Tyler's 2nd birthday party.
(Crazy, you say?)
Well since Tyler's birthday will be just 4 weeks after the next baby is born, 
I want to have his party basically planned and ready before #3 gets here
that way it's one less thing I have to worry about while I am trying 
to get acquainted with the new little one!

Also for July, baby headbands are back on the list!
Last month I spent more time pinning headbands than anything else!
So this month I am making some of those! (for just in case!)

And I guess I'll just wait and see what else I get done!

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  1. I love these goals, I am working on creating a list of goals for myself. It is easier said than done!


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