A day at Greenbluff

Greenbluff is a place I have written about many times before. 
And this, by no means, will be my last!

They have orchards that our family loves to visit all times of the year. 
Whether you are in the market for fruits and veggies in the summer,
pumpkins in the fall, or a Christmas tree at Christmas, 
you can find it as Greenbluff!

This was the first time we've picked raspberries though, and it was a 
complete fluke. We went up to get peaches. Fresh peach cobbler sounded amazing
and we took a spur of the moment trip up. As we were driving around I saw a sign
for raspberries and we decided to stop. 

A lady in the parking lot told the bushes were pretty empty, and the raspberries
that were there, were not ripe. But we took a chance and decided to go look ourselves.
I'm so glad we did because the bushes were filled with amazing raspberries! 
I'm not sure what the lady was looking at because they were everywhere!

We started picking and filling our bucket. 
I really wanted enough to make some freezer jam, even though I had
no idea how many that would take because I've never made it before. 
So we just picked and picked! 

 Tyler enjoying hanging out in the wagon

Picking raspberries-- I'm glad you can't see my entire shirt because
I was sweating bullets and kept having to wipe my face!

Travis making his usual faces at the camera! 

Zachary was being the little photographer because he was so hot and over picking berries! 

Interested in seeing how my freezer jam turned out?
That will be coming your way soooon!


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  1. Oh this seems like so much fun! I haven't gone berry picking in a couple of years now and I miss it.. I can't wait until we settle down a bit so we can do fun things like this again! Can't wait to see your freezer jam! Nom nom nom!



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