Raspberry freezer jam

Raspberry jam? Yes, please!
I have never made jam of any sort, 
and to be honest, I guess I thought it would be hard....
I've said in the past that I have been intimidated by recipes
but I wasn't letting it hold me back any longer! 
I had looked at a few recipes online, and knew I needed pectin
so I started there. The box had a recipe that I used 
and it was quick and easy! 
Here is what you need:
8 cups of raspberries
4 1/2 cups of sugar
2 lemons
1 cup of light corn syrup
1 pkg of pectin
And containers of some sort. 
~Gather all of your ingredients~

 First, smash your raspberries. I used a potato smasher and it worked perfectly.

 Next, add the juice from 2 lemons and the package of pectin and mix it together. Then, let it sit for about a half an hour, stirring occasional.

Then add in the 1 cup of corn syrup and your 4 1/2 cups of sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

 Last, pour into your containers. I used these "Take Alongs" from Rubbermaid. They hold 1 1/2 cups and work great in the freezer.

Look at that...
My very first freezer jam complete and it tastes delicious! 
And you know what folks? This took less than an hour to make,
including the 1/2 hour waiting...
Nothing intimidating about that! 


  1. That sounds so easy! Definitely going to try this recipe :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. ok, now I want to make biscuits & have some fresh butter and raspberry jam!!! You did an AWESOME job!! Great post! :) Hope you and your family are doing well! Sorry it's been forever since I stopped by, life's been....well, life! ;)



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