Friday Letters

Dear Baby in my belly, I bought you some clothes this week so you won't actually be naked for long after you make your way into this world. I still have more shopping to do, but you have a couple of blue outfits, and a couple of pink. I can't wait to see which you will be wearing! :) Also, you are making it harder to get comfortable, or eat more than a few bites of anything at one time, and most of my shirts don't cover my entire belly. Just about 5 weeks until I get to meet you! Dear Zachary, you have only been home for {less than} 24 hours this entire week. I can't wait for you to be home in a couple of hours! We have a lot of things to do over the next 3 weeks before school starts! Dear Tyler, Your waking up at midnight last night and partying until 2:30am wasn't really fun. Teething gel, diaper change, milk in your belly, cuddling, etc. didn't seem to help. But thanks for sleeping a little extra this morning... I appreciated that, even though Dad woke me up instead...  Dear weekend, I am glad you are here. I have a feeling this will be a busy weekend and if you could slow it down a little that would be fantastic!


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  1. Aw, you'll be seeing your little bundle soon! :) Idk if I could go an entire pregnancy w/o knowing LOL Kudos to you!

    I hope you can get a chance to relax this weekend!

    xoxo ♥ Shar


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