July/August goals

Well Hello, August... You have gotten here so quickly! (Does anyone else feel the time flying by?)

The days are busy... Not only do I have books to read, and crafts to make, but children to take care of and that part in itself takes up most of my time. I have been working hard to balance everything and get things done, and I've done pretty okay.

In July I really wanted to make some head bands for baby girls, just in case... and I made several.
I found a tutorial here, and it was exactly what I needed. {{ clear and easy! }}

 These are a few of the things I've made and I have a lot of felt cut out 
in tons of other colors

I also have been working on a project for Tyler's bedroom, 
but it's not done so I will share when I get it completed.... 
which will hopefully happen in the next few weeks, 
preferably before the next baby gets here! :)

Zachary officially has a bedroom with real walls now.... More on that to come!

For August I will be working on making a couple ties for a baby boy.  I would also like to make a couple of tie bibs for a boy as well. Last month I got my sewing machine out of the box for the first time... ever. So there is no excuse to at least try to make the ties!

This month I will also be *finally* making my freezer meals

I'm sure that with the baby being less than 6 weeks away, their will be a lot more going on!
I have shopping to get done, and things to get ready! Luckily the car seat is ordered and should be here
tomorrow and the double stroller will be purchased this weekend!  It's all coming together!


  1. I love those headbands! They are so cute.

  2. Super cute headbands! I really hope that this baby is a girl because there is so many cute outfits out there!!! Hope all is well and I'll be seeing you soon! Take care


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