August/September Goals

September, for real! I have been waiting for you all year! 
This is my baby birth month! And I am excited to have a September baby!!!
Even though another month has flown by, but I feel like I got a lot done!
My main goal for August was freezer meals and boy ties, 
and while neither of those things got done, 
a lot of others did get completed! 
The project I have been working on for Tyler's room is complete and needs to 
be hung up, so I will show pictures once that is done. 
Also, I have been making some little gift bags for the boys
from their little brother or sister. 
I have collected all sorts of goodies, 
and after the baby is here I will be sharing those bags!
As for the ties, should I make something like this?

or something like this?
They are both so cute, I can't decide! :)
For September, I really don't want to make many goals.
I know that I will be so busy with getting last minute things done around the house
for the first half of the month.
And cuddling a sweet little baby and recovering for the second half. 
As far as what I still have to get ready?
-I would really like to clean the carpets, 
and I am hoping that maybe this weekend it'll get done.
-Also, I need to pack my hospital bag, which I'll do this weekend. 
-I want to make sure laundry/dishes are done at all times so I don't have to 
worry about that while I am in the hospital, or when I come home.
-I have been making sure the house is just clean in general. 
-I might try this week to make some little ties for a boy
but I'm really not going to go out of my way to get them done. 
-That project I have been working on for Tyler's room? Well,
I am going to be making that for this next baby too and if I have a boy I will 
make them the same color as Tyler's, but if it's a girl, I might change it up a little,
so I'll have that project too. And it's pretty time consuming. 
-I thought about making these
But I think I will wait until the baby is here to know what colors I want
And I found this on Pinterest, of course, but the link is no good, otherwise I'd share it!
-Really, it's just odds and ends to do to be ready!


  1. I'm so excited for you!! I wish I could come to your house and just clean it for you so you don't have to worry this month. I totally know how it feels to be sitting in the hospital and thinking.. oh yeah I forgot to do that.

    I also really love the bowties (second picture) & the chevron onesies.. Boo for the link being bad!

    Looks like you have very reachable goals! I wouldn't worry too much! :)


  2. Well Katlyn, you ARE just over the mountains... So I will let you come clean if you'd like! lol. Ya right, I'd clean before you got here so you didn't see all my dust hanging around! :)


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