Breastfeeding: Take three

No one ever said breastfeeding is easy.
At least, I didn't, because it's not. 
When I found out I was pregnant with Zachary, it never occurred to me that I wouldn't breastfeed.
To me, it's the natural way to go, and formula was not something I planned to use. 
And it's free... What's better then that?
When Zachary was born early and unable to "suck" then I pumped,
and I pumped some more.  But after about 2 months my milk was basically dried up
and I wasn't getting enough but to make a small bottle each day, and I stopped.
I won't lie. I felt like I failed. 
So when I was pregnant with Tyler, I again, wanted to breastfeed. 
This time, I was lucky enough that Tyler latched right on and never looked back!
I was able to breastfeed him for 13 months and it was very successful! 
With Summer, I am definitely looking for another successful round. Things got off
to a rocky start, ie. she has not been a great latcher and its posed a little challenge. 
 The main issue is that it sometimes takes her a couple of moments to get latched on 
and then she likes to open her mouth regularly and lose the latch, and we have to start over again. 
Each day has gotten better, which I am so grateful for. 
And I look forward to it continuing to get better so that we can nurse for 
as long as possible. 


  1. Claire latched right on when she was born and then had a little trouble for a couple of days (though i think it was more me than her!). i'm glad you and summer are able to keep working on it!

  2. Hmmm...I can't say I have much experience on this topic. But I just wanted to say that I like your blog very much!


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