Summer: Month One

My sweet Summer girl is one month old today!
Just look at this precious little lady!

Here are a few other pictures of the last couple weeks!
Daddy and Summer having a bonding moment.
Shes had him wrapped around her finger from the moment she got here!

Summer is sleeping really well at night. I really can't complain! She goes to bed about 10 or 11 and usually gets up between 1 and 2 and then again around 6. Last night she only got up once, at about 1:30 and then not again until 7:30.... I really can't complain about that much sleep!

This girl loves to be held!

When we finished off the newborn diapers that we had we just changed over to 1's. Which has been for about a week. The newborns were starting to get a little small so it was great timing.
But she is still wearing newborn clothes, and I think she will be for a little while longer. She is such a small girl and most of her newborn clothes are still loose on her. I'm sure she'll have a growth spurt any second and we'll move up to the next size clothes!

Daddy's princess

Summer is turning into a champ breastfeeder. I am super grateful for that! She has her moments, but most of the time she has it figured out! During the day she eats about every 2 hours. Though this week she basically eats every 20 minutes... or so it feels like that! 

Summer's first time to the pumpkin patch. She slept through the entire thing.
(As you can see she is clearly passed out!)
Summer lets us know when she is hungry, needs changed, wants to be held, etc. 
She has no problem letting out a scream if she needs something! 
She loves to be held and snuggled in tightly.
Mommy and her Summer girl
Summer is such a blessing in our lives 
and I am just so grateful for her. 
I can't wait to do all those "Mommy/daughter" things with her! 


  1. She's gorgeous! Happy one month new Summer.

  2. oh wow. she is 1 month already??? she is so pretty and i love that 1 month photo with the huge bear- that will be so fun to look back at that pic when she is older and say, "were you really ever that tiny?!!" so precious.

  3. Happy One Month to Summer! I can't believe how much hair she has!! Nora just now has that much at 16 months lol. Love the Daddy - Daughter picture, absolutely adorable.

  4. Summer is beautiful! I cannot believe it has been one month already!


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