Things are about to change

Do you hate change as much as I do?
I am flat out, not good with change. 
I try to be okay with it, but deep down, I'm not.
And I have a BIG change that needs to be made.

I am overweight. 
I know, you are shocked, right?
I've known it for years. I have not been healthy since Zachary was a baby. 
And lets face it, I didn't lose the weight then just because I was exercising and eating good.
I mean, I was doing those things, but the main reason I lost weight was because my husband just died. 
And I was stressed. 
I have done Weight Watchers before and it worked when I was honest.
Which a lot of the time I wasn't.
I told myself I was comfortable with how I looked. 
But I wasn't.
I told myself it happens after having babies. 
But it doesn't have to. 
I told myself I'd lose it after I was done having kids.
And now I'm there. 
I am done having kids. 
I have no other excuse. 
I have to lose weight.
I want to lose weight.

I am not healthy, 
and I don't feel good in my own shoes. 
I get that I have a looong journey in front of me. 
I get that I didn't put this weight on overnight, 
and I will not lose it overnight. 
I am not hoping to look like a runway model. 
I am not hoping to be a size 2.
But I do want to be comfortable with myself. 
I do want to look in the mirror and like what I see. 
I want to be able to put on a pair of jeans that are not a size 18.
I get that I will have to make a lot of changes in my life.
And I'm sure I will have plenty of ups and downs. 
And I'm ready to get started. 

So coming this Wednesday I will start sharing my journey. 
and I hope you'll follow along. 


  1. Way to go my friend! This is a very well written piece! If you set realistic goals you'll get there and know you have a cheerleader here to help you along the way!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! :D

  2. Love this! I feel like I could have written it myself. Maybe this is the motivation I need to start working on myself. I'd love to follow along/participate with ou and maybe if I feel obligated to share with you, I'll keep myself on track! Good luck girl!

  3. Great post. Well written and from the heart. I am in the same boat. I have tried time and again to lose this weight, but something always trips me up. You can do it, Kate!!

  4. I will be following your story :) I need to do the same thing, my son is 4 years old now and there's no excuse why I'm over weight.

  5. i know the feeling though i haven't had kids or any of that. i'm just plain fat. and i will be starting to go on teh weightlost journey too.

  6. So proud of you!! Love yourself!

  7. Thank you Laura. It's been a while and I really need to get back in shape!


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