Want to see a cute boy?

Well, You are at the right place then! 
Tyler is getting so big~ I don't even know where the time has gone! 
He loves to wear big brother's hat!

Recently Grandma brought Tyler and Zachary a cookies and cream milkshake from Jack in the Box...
Tyler had never had one and he was so excited for this treat! 

Cuddle time with Dad is a perfect way to spend the afternoon! Especially while dad is on paternity leave! 

There is just so much innocence in this face... I love this boy to pieces! 

Brand new haircut! He loves to touch his hair and tell you "haircut"
And you can probably tell by these eyes, that it didn't go very smooth! He cried.. a lot... and was not about to look "down" so the lady could straighten up the back, but she managed to get it!
(It's also about an hour past nap time!) 

Tyler has soo much love for Summer that it is just unreal to me. I really thought he would have trouble, and here we are, a month in, and things are going smooth, and he still loves her!
One of my favorite things is when Tyler sees Summer for the first time each day, he says, "Oh, Hi Summer!"
Like maybe he forgot that we had her! But it is always a happy surprise!

This face just makes my heart melt. Summer was crying and he was trying to console her...
He will say, "oh Summer, Summer, Summer" (I do this too!) 
I can't believe my little boy is about to turn TWO tomorrow! 
His party is this weekend, so lots more pictures to come! :)
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  1. the picture of Tyler consoling Summer is pure Sunshine! I also love we share the same name, you totally named her after me huh lol kidding! OK Tyler looks so cute in that hat and I love the pic of milkshake sharing sunshine sunshine aaaaaaaaaaaaand wait for it more sunshine! I love this...see you managed to share and make someone smile! Mission accomplished sweets xoxo

  2. what a sweet face he has. Happy Birthday!

    thanks for linking up!


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