Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

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Got Frizz? Straighten up and tame that mane... or whatever you call it. 
SMOOTH MOVES™ is your call to fighting out of control hair and will help reduce your styling time. Infused with natural coconut & silk extracts this salon formula will keep you thinking straight all day.

- De-frizzes and straightens hair
- All day performance
- Adds shine
- Coconut & silk extracts add shine and strength to hair

Apply Smooth Moves™ to damp hair, distribute evenly with a comb and then blow-dry to reveal straight, frizz-free hair.
Typically, if I don't straighten my hair, it's a frizzy mess! So I was looking forward to trying this out!
 I really found that this product worked great! 

Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control worked great on my hair.
My hair was shinier than normal, and very smooth. 
Even those pesky under side hairs were under control! 

My only complaint, and it's sooo minor, is that the gel is pretty sticky. 
But hopefully after putting the stuff through your hair, you're going to wash your hands! 
Then you don't have to worry about! See? Minor problem, right?
Plus, it smells really yummy!
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Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary of Influenster to review, however all opinions are my own

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  1. I used mine this morning and it's for curls it made my hair look more messy than fun curls, oh well. I agree that it smells AMAZING, and yes it's a bit sticky but like you I did wash my hands! GREAT REVIEW!


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