Summer @ two months

My sweet little Summer girl is two months old already!
Really, where does the time go?

Summer at 2 months old:
  You are wearing size 1 diapers
but still wearing newborn clothes.
  You are a long and skinny little lady. I could guess you weigh maaaybe 10-12 pounds
but the Dr. will confirm that at your well baby appt on Tuesday.
You are cooing more and more everyday 
and you have such a sweet smile that you are showing us often.
We are still exclusively breastfeeding and you are doing great!
I am so grateful that we have gotten into a routine 
and have overcome the little obstacles that we had in the beginning.

 But you like to show me this face when I don't feed you fast enough!

You have a binky, but you don't use it a lot and have no problem spitting it out. 
Your eyes are ever changing. Some days they are very brown, 
and some days they are very green.
I'm hoping for green in the end, 
but another brown eyed beauty running around the house would be great too!

You really hate the car. Well... you don't mind it if we are moving, 
but don't like to stop. 
You can hold your head up well, and you love to look around.
You are an amazing sleeper. Most nights you sleep from 11-6 and sometimes 11-7.
You wake to eat and go back to sleep for a while. 
I remember a time when I thought I'd be okay with it if I didn't have a girl...
Now, I can't imagine my life without her! 



  1. Lucas is not a fan of the car either. I usually don't leave the house alone because driving with a screaming baby is very stressful! ;)

  2. What a beauty...and a good sleeper to boot! Lucky mama!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful little girl, you're very lucky. My 'baby girl' is 10 now and nearly going up to high school :-) but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Following from the UK via GFC Bloghop :-) x

  4. She's so precious! So happy that the last baby you had was a girl! Life is just so much more fun with a girl and some pink frill to boot! Give her a squeeze from Auntie Shanny!


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