2013 goals

Last December I made this list of goals for 2012,
and I actually got a bit of them done
considering the busy year we had! 

I got several of my scrapbooks updated and/or finished.
And that is a big relief. But I have a lot more to do in that area.
In January I plan to tell you more about the changes I am making, and my goals for
scrapbooking... that's a whole other post! 

I tried so many new recipes, and you can find them up above in the Recipes tab!
Go check them out.

I got my sewing machine out, and threaded but it never went any further!

For 2013 I have the biggest goal I've ever created for myself.
If I want to stick around long enough to raise my kids,
and see my kids' kids. And their kids-
I have to start with taking care of myself.

In October I shared this post with you. 
The one where it got real and I shared everything!
I am making big changes in my life to make this happen
and in 2013 you will hear a lot more about it!

Also in the next year I plan to actually use my sewing machine.
I've always wanted to sew things for the boys, but
Now that I have a little girl I have to learn to sew.
I need to be able to make matching dresses for her and her baby dolls,
and all the other adorable clothes I find on Pinterest!

Since I am talking about Pinterest,
there are so many things I find on that site that I have to make.
Believe me, I have a big ol' board full of DIY projects titled "to make now!"
And I plan on sharing those through out the year. 

I also have more recipes than I can count that I can't wait to try.
And you'll be able to find those on Foodie Fridays.
So stay tuned!

And last but not least,
I am excited to see where my blog will go this year.
2012 was great for 'Life as I know it' and I made multiple new friends,
and gained a lot of new followers.
I can't wait to meet more fellow bloggers!

I really have so many things I want to accomplish this year.
And it really doesn't stop here, at this list.

I hope you'll follow along with me
and share your goals as well. 



  1. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in 2013! This reminds me I need to list out all my goals... so overwhelming but refreshing at the same time. One day at a time right?! Happy New Year! xo

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new outfits.

  3. Be proud of meeting any of your goals that you had set for yourself! I cannot wait to keep reading into the New Year and beyond. ^_^


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