30 before 30

Tomorrow I am turning 30. So typically more of  these would be crossed off...
but I've gotten 7/30.
1.) Build a snowman family

2.) Learn to sew with a sewing machine

3.) Build a sandcastle

4.) Go huckleberry picking

5.) Learn to can foods

6.) Have professional pictures taken

7.) *start* getting in shape

8.) Up cycle a piece of clothing

9.) Spend an afternoon reading in the park

10.) Make money from my blog

11.) Try wearing fake eyelashes

12.) Identify 101 things that make me happy and photograph them

13.) Make a list of 50 songs I could listen to forever

14.) Learn to identify 10 constellations

15.) Take the kids to the zoo

16.) Take the kids to the ocean

17.) Swim in the ocean

18.) Make home made donuts

19.) Have a picnic

20.) Dance in the rain

21.) Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

22.) Go whale watching

23.) Camp on the beach

24.) Make my own skirt

25.) Don't spend any money for a week

26.) Try 10 new recipes (10/10)
- Check out the recipes I've made HERE

27.) Make pizza from scratch

28.) Send flowers to someone

29.) Tie a note to a balloon and send it off

30.) Improve my posture
So this is what I'm doing. I'm making this a 31 before 31. 
That's less than 1 every two weeks... 
So doable! 
So #31.) Do the Dirty Dash

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  1. Happy early Birthday!! Being 30 is awesome :)

  2. oh i'm sure you've done #21 and just haven't even realized it. :)
    happiest birthday to you!!!! 30 is a good number!

  3. Happy Early Birthday my friend!! So are you all signed up for the Dirty Dash because I'd love to do it with you if you need a partner??? Can't wait to see you this weekend! XOXOXOXO

  4. Happy Birthday! I will be 30 March 22nd and I have to say I am a little sad about it but I guess it is just a number, right?!


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