That's how old I am today people!

Some people love their birthdays, some dread them. Some worry about getting older, some don't care.

Me? I LOVE my birthday! I don't care that I am getting older.

Today I am THIRTY years old and I am going to embrace every minute of it.

I have an amazing husband. 2 incredible boys and a sweet baby girl and I can't help but just look forward to our future and all the good in store for us. I know my 30's are going to be some of the best years as I watch my children grow, enjoy every moment with my husband and just enjoy life! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Hope you have a fabulous day! You certainly have lots to be thankful for and so much to look forward to!

  2. Happy birthday!! What a great attitude!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend! I know I have posted all over but I couldn't forget your BLOG!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and dinner tonight!!! Eat something YUMMY for me!!! :D :D

  4. Wish you a fabulous Birthday and hope all your tasks may end up with success throughout your carrier.


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