Blog Angels: The Reveal

Every couple of months when it's time to start a new session of Blog Angels, I'm always looking forward to who I will have, and what I can do for them.


This year Rosie changed things up a bit and we were picking someone from a group of bloggers looking for help. As a relatively inexperienced blogger myself, I am not sure why I volunteered. What do I have to offer this person?  

The blog I chose to help is Heart of Wander
I really enjoyed reading what Laurel had to say.

But I must say this: I was sort of at a loss of what to help with considering she already has a great blog. She is well put together, has social media buttons, a button for her blog, etc. and I didn't feel I could help her in many ways. So what did I do? I followed Laurel's social media, retweeted tweets and commented on her posts.

So now that we're done, Laurel, what can I do for you?

If you want to follow Heart of Wander yourself, check it out!

Heart of Wander (blog)

And keep an eye out for the next round of Blog Angels, coming your way soon!

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  1. Awww you are so sweet Kate!! Thanks for taking the time to share my blog!! I super appreciate your sweet words too. I feel like I NEVER have it together so I guess I am not doing as bad as I thought : D Let's definitely stay connected! I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks again!!!

  2. Ahhhh there's a total blogmance about to happen it would appear. All the commenting, pinning and interacting is help. I am glad it looks like you guys are going to communicate some more.

    Rosie xo


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