Do you Stamp? A stampers ramble...

If you've seen my scrapbook area, you'll notice that I have a lot of supplies. And one area I am not lacking is rubber stamps. I love them. And mainly, I collect them more than I use them!

I have quite the range from cheap .50 stamps to stamps that I paid $15 to $20 for. Ya, I've paid that much for one stamp! Basically, the only type I don't have in my collection is notary supplies /stamps!

A couple of months ago I mentioned in this post that I am switching to digital scrapbooking. And one thing I'm toying with is getting rid of my stamps. Or at least the majority of them. I used to make every.single.card that I gave out, detailing it to perfection, and even adding a little "hand stamped by Kate" to the back of each card. And now,  I'm not actually sure the last time I made one of my cards. It's probably been close to a year ago!

And I keep thinking of the space I'd free up once I got rid of the hundreds of stamps that are collecting on my scrapbook shelves. But then I have to decide, which do I keep? And which do I get rid of? As I stated above, I have a very wide variety, from birthday, to every holiday you can think of, to animals, and borders, and letters, to flowers and shapes. If you ask, I probably have it.

If you are a crafter, where would you start? What would you get rid of?

Do you get rid everything? Maybe the ones I used the least? Should I keep the expensive ones and just get rid of the cheap ones? I'm trying to overcome a serious issue of keeping things 'in case I need them"!

Ugh... Where do I start?

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