Summer at 5 months!

(So yesterday Summer turned 5 months. And I got some great shots of her. As soon as I got done taking pictures I headed to my computer to get them loaded on so I could add them to this post that I had all ready to go. But then my camera wasn't reading my new memory card that I've had less than a week. So after multiple times trying I decided to give up for the night. And today I've been trying again. But now I'm getting an error saying that my camera cannot read my memory card. And cannot be recovered. I'm guessing that all the of pictures I've taken since Wednesday, my birthday, Valentine's Day, Summer's 5 month b-day, are gone.... But I'll update this post if I get them back!)

This little girl just gets sweeter

I don't know how I got so lucky to be blessed with this little girl. But I'm so in love.
As bittersweet at it is that she is already 5 months old, I look forward to all of the mother/daughter stuff that is to come in the future.

Here are a few things about Summer @ 5 months.

You love the bath more with each time. I didn't know that could be possible but everyday you kick and splash more than the day before!

You have rolled from belly to back and back to belly. And now you are unstopable. You roll everywhere.

You don't mind your paparazzi mommy taking pictures all the time.You just keep on smiling.

You like sitting up in your bumbo. And you look like such a big girl while you are in there!

You are still about 14 pounds and soo long! You are wearing 3-6 month clothes just barely. I had to move you mainly because 0-3 mo pants are like capris but 3-6 mo pants are so big around your waist! You are also wearing size 2 diapers still, but when the box is done that we are on now we'll be moving on to size 3.

Your poor little head still has a bald spot but I'm hoping now that you willingly roll to your belly it will start growing back in! Your hair is getting long and it makes me excited for the day that I get to braid it and put it in pigtails!

You love your brothers so much. Tyler is always right in your face and you just love him.

You love to play Peek-a-Boo!

You do lots of talking, cooing, and jabbering.

You leave your headbands on and they don't seem to bother you. Luckily.

You are still chewing on your hand like crazy. Sophie is on her way for you to chew on. 

We love you so much Summer Lucille. You are such a good girl. So sweet and happy.
And I love every day with you sweet angel.

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  1. She's an absolute doll! She always seems to be smiling :) I just love her! Sorry about your memory card, that really stinks. For future purposes, try to format the card in your camera before taking any pictures. This could prevent it happening again. Hope you can figure it out.


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