Life Lately

Lately we've been hanging out, relaxing and trying to enjoy family time!

First, I had to re take Summer's 5 month pictures. Remember my memory card that decided not to work?
Ya, so Summer wasn't super thrilled to get retakes but we got through it!

She is so smiley that I just can't help to take picture after picture of her!
And occasionally Tyler decides he wants to join. Basically, Summer is the only one I can get a decent picture of lately. Tyler does this weird cheese face and sticks his face right in the camera.

Zach is another one that I haven't been able to get a decent picture of in a long time. They are pretty hit and miss. He pretty much ducks out as soon as he sees my camera. But him and Summer are sure cute cuddled up, right?

Last week I made Summer some baby leggings. I was pretty excited that they turned out as well as they did and I definitely plan to make more! She is sitting pretty good with assistance but she doesn't last long on her own. She's done a few face plants too!

She's gone from hating being on her belly, to loving it. I'm hoping this means her baldy spot on the back of her head will start filling in! Tyler got an impromptu hair cut on Sunday night, that ended up with me buzzing his hair after his daddy made a couple cuts of his own. Daddy has been advised not to touch the scissors or my baby's hair again! Hah!

We're enjoying slightly better weather and looking forward to the summer months ahead! Especially me! Bring on the heat!!!

Also, this is my 500th post! How did that happen? 

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