Life lately

Life Lately has been busy.

We've been doing lots of hanging out around the house, playing outside, story time at the library, picnics in the park, playing at Grandma and Papa's, playing with cousins, eating dinner outside, going for evening walks, it's been great.

The only thing that could make it better is if Travis could do all of those things with us. But we are grateful for the evenings and weekends and really try to make the most of them!

I didn't have an outfit for Summer's first 4th of July and so I made her this shirt! I just used one of Tyler's white t-shirts that were too small and painted it. She's a little American Beauty!

The 4th of July was a busy day. 
We ran some errands, BBq'd lunch and dinner and played outside for basically the entire day. 

We played in our little baby pool to help keep us cool since it was in the 
90's but we wanted to be outside. 
We played on our little swing set, blew bubbles and Tyler "mowed" the lawn!

I tried to get a cute picture of the kids but Summer was a little freaked out by the boys' continuous "cheese"

This sweet boy was loving having daddy home and playing in the yard with him! He has 2 new molars and a 3rd coming in as we speak!

And this girl here, she has 4 teeth now! (And loves to bite!) She is officially crawling with her belly off the ground for the past week or so and is pulling herself up on furniture!

That evening we headed to Spokane to watch the fireworks. Our usual place was roped off and we were forced to find somewhere new. We found a spot and it was a pretty decent spot to see the fireworks, but we were surrounded by some pretty interesting people!

Zachary was throwing down Pop Its and Summer was laughing so hard! She thought it was the funniest thing ever. And that is really saying something because this girl doesn't really laugh, she just giggles. And she loved the fireworks!

Tyler was all snuggled down in the back of our van ready to watch the fireworks. He's now been telling everyone about the "pretty" fireworks he saw!

I am loving every minute with this girl! She helps her brothers keep me busy and that is a great thing! We sleep so good at night because we are going all day long!

Zach has been spending lots of time with Grandma and Papa and with his cousins and got a major sunburn due to no sunblock. It even blistered and he was very uncomfortable. 

I had him taking cool baths regularly and we would cake him in "after sun" lotion afterwords.
And today, his back looks great and he just has a nice tan. But you can bet he'll wear his sunblock next time!

So many more things on our bucket list to get through this summer and we are working hard on it! And I'm looking forward to vacation coming up so soon! Lazy days at the ocean never sounded so good!

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  1. Looks like you're having a wonderful summer! Really hope that suburn heals ok. And, you've got such cute kids! What a wonderful family. I found you via And Nothing Else Matters blog.

  2. Oh that sunburn! Poor thing, hope it heals up quick. Looks like you had a fantastic time, and that little tshirt you painted for Summer is so great. Looks perfect with the headband!


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