Weigh in Wednesday, errr, Thursday: 60 day update

(I took measurements yesterday on day 59 because today we are headed to Montana to visit family for a few days before we jump back into school on Tuesday!!)

Well, well, my friends. Here I am, 60 days into my new lifestyle and I am happy to report that things are good.

Not everyday is good. I mean, some days I want to eat an entire bag of chocolate chips. But overall, things are good! One thing that I have found that helps me is using My Fitness Pal. Even though I am not "counting calories" it helps me to track at least a few days each week to make sure the foods I am choosing are good choices. I would love for you to add me on MFP so we can keep each other motivated!

In my last post I told you how I am have been doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. Now, if you are not a mom, don't let that name fool you! This is a great plan for anyone who wants to get in shape! Briana is getting ready to start a walk through guide on September 2, so if you are looking to jump on the bandwagon this is a great time! Even though I am going to continue onto my 90 days, I am also going to start at day 1 again because it'll be a great support! And, I will be doing it with a girlfriend and it's so nice to have that extra motivation.

And speaking of motivation, remember how I told you my husband was working out too? Well, he is kicking butt and taking names! And has lost 49 pounds! Want to see his before and after?

Here he is in June:

And here he is now:

Pretty amazing huh? I am so proud of him!

Recently I had someone ask me what kind of diet I am on. My response: I am not on a diet! 
For real! I don't consider myself to be on a diet. I am working hard to change my lifestyle! I am still eating normal food, I am just flat out eating less! And drinking more water. Making healthier choices.


Also I had someone ask me what I eat when I go out. And the answer is: I don't go out to eat. 
Since July 1st when I started this I have ate out one time and it was while we were on our Oregon vacation. Chevy's is my favorite place to eat and they closed the one in my town years ago. So when I have a chance to eat there, I don't pass it up! Like I said, it was our one meal out, and I ate what I wanted, without stuffing myself, and I enjoyed every bite! We took all the food for our other meals in a cooler and grabbed little things here and there at grocery stores along the way if we needed something else. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat out, you just need to make good choices. For me, it's easier to not eat out at this point, then try to make good choices! I'm still building up my will power!

Last time I promised I was going to start sharing the meals we have been eating and so far, I haven't shared much. Mainly because they are nothing glamorous! And the pictures never turn out as well as I'd like! But if you are okay with that, than so am I, and I'll start sharing more! (Check back tomorrow for Foodie Friday!)

So, with all that being said, here are my current weight and measurements! (check out previous measurements HERE!)

Weight as of 8/28/2013: 181
Bust: 36
Waist (at belly button): 41
Hips: 43
Thigh- R: 25  L: 24 1/2
Calf- R: 15  L: 15 1/2 
Bicep- R: 12  L: 11 1/2

So that's 5 inches off my bust, 5 3/4 inches off my waist, and 4 inches off my hips! The other areas have changed too, but in smaller amounts!

And last but certainly not least, photos!

So there you have it. I was going for 20 pounds by my 60 day mark but you know what? I've lost 19 and I am PROUD!

I appreciate everyone following along, and the super nice comments! It is really motivating! 
And let me know if you have any questions about what I am doing, or if you just plain need help getting yourself started!

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  1. You guys looks fantastic! Congrats on the results!! I would love to see the recipes you have been using. I'm curious if it's more expensive for you to eat healthier, especially since you're feeding a family? Also have you or your husband been doing any exercise programs? Thanks!

  2. 19 pounds is awesome!!!!!!!! You look great!

  3. you guys look amazing! Your husband looks like a different person. Great job! Keep up the hard work!

  4. you guys look amazing! Keep up the great work!

  5. 19 pounds is great! I hope that I have as much success as you. :) Good job! -Monika

  6. You both look fantastic! We are so close in size, too! I weighed in at 181 for the beginning of my 90 day fitness challenge on the 4th. Way to go, lady!


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