Foodie Friday: Easy Healthy Pizza

Yay, It's Foodie Friday and I have a great quick and easy meal for you to make.

Several weeks ago Travis and I were wondering through the store getting our groceries and we came across Flat Outs. I had tried them before, but not ones like these. These are flat breads and the flavor is Rosemary and Olive oil. After looking over the nutrition label we tossed them in our basket so we could make pizzas.

I can't even stress to you how easy this is! Here is how you make them!

1 flatout flat bread
Ragu pizza sauce
fat free shredded cheese
Turkey pepperoni
onions and peppers

I cut my flat bread in half to make 2 mini pizzas
Add a little sauce (It's 30 calories for 1/4, and there is no way you'd use even close to that!)
I use 5 pepperonis on each pizza
top it with some shredded cheese
Add the onion and pepper

Then bake it on 350 for about 10-12 minutes

And there you have it! A super Yummy mini pizza! And it's about 210 calories for 2 halves! (Calculated using My Fitness Pal) As you can see I added some fruit and veggies to my plate and even had a little ranch for dip.

For my ranch I use the Hidden Valley dip packet and mixed it with fat free sour cream. If you don't go crazy and eat a lot, it's not so terrible!


  1. I love pizza in every shape or form I am never sick of it :) thanks for the post :) I will have to try it!


  2. I never thought to use flat bread for pizza! This would be great for making everyone their own pizza since my kids all want different toppings. Thanks for sharing this at Stay Fit Sunday! -Monika, Life With Lovebugs


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