My little 1 year old

As you guys all know, Summer turned one earlier this week! And this won't be the last post you guys see on this subject, so I hope you all like to see cute little girls!

Tuesday, on Summer's actual birthday, we had a pretty low key day. We started by going for a run, we played outside, we ran to the store and I bought a tiny little cake and some balloons then we came home, went back outside and took some pictures. That evening we just had dinner, cake and some presents with just our little family. (Birthday Party pics coming soon!)

In the past I'm sure you've seen that my daughter is typically less than cooperative when it comes to picture time, and on her birthday she didn't disappoint. She didn't want to wear her headband. She wasn't interested in walking to me. She didn't want to touch the sign I made her, and I had to tie the balloons to her to get a picture. But I managed to get a few cute ones!

This girl got loaded up on clothes like nobody's business! I cannot believe how much she got and then we got her some too, so she is set for a while!

 And she got lots of baby dolls!

Today we went in for her 1 year check up and everything was great! I knew her weight was on the small side, (she is wearing mainly 6-9 month clothes still) and at her last appt the Dr. said he wasn't concerned but would wait until 1 year to see how she is growing. Well today, what I figured he was going to say, he said!

Summer has only gained 10 oz since her 9 month appointment! She weighed in at 16 pounds, 14 oz. and is only 5% for her weight, 25% for her height (which is up from her last appt). Now we are going to switch her to whole milk to increase her calories and this is going to be an interesting transition.

This little girl loves her mama's milk and even though we've been working on straws/sippy cups, I don't see this going well, especially at first. I am going to try to start weaning her, but any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Super cute pics!! Looks like Summer had a wonderful birthday!!
    I have a small kiddo too and I would caution against weaning in an attempt to pack on lbs. Whole milk has more saturated fat than breast milk but isnt necessarily a good way to add calories (doctors love to tell moms to switch to whole milk & wean off the breast at age one..) I would try to offer more healthy fats (greek yogurt, avocado, etc.) at each meal ALONG with breastmilk! If she loves whole milk thats great, she can have it with meals snd such but no need to wean off the breast! The benefits of breastmilk continue long into toddlerhood! My son is 27 months, loves to eat a huge variety of food and has whole milk from a cup at dinner but still nurses as well! Though he's small for his age, he's happy, healthy, smart, and almost NEVER sick! (thanks to breastmilk, hehe)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I was thinking about starting with adding other foods and doing sippy cups but not completely weaning her, I just thought that going cold turkey might be easier (for her) But I think I will stick with my original plan. I'd love to let her wean herself when she is ready. Any chance we can get together for a play date soon? I'd love to talk about this more with you.

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Summer! The picture of her holding the balloons is too cute!

  4. Beautiful birthday pictures non the less :) Rio is 17 months old and only 21lb, he's just going into 9-12 clothes..some babies just aren't the chunky type :(

  5. Yay for little peanuts!! She is just so darn pretty :)
    Claire was drinking Coconut milk due to some sensitivities to whole milk. Now she loves it and doesn't care much for whole milk. I've tried mixing the whole milk in but I think it takes away the sweetness that makes it more like breastmilk. She eats tons of whole milk yogurt and cheeses though. I am going to call and make her 12 month appointment today :(

    Happy Birthday pretty girl!!!

    PS I know a thing or two about having too many clothes. Purchasing clothes became an actual addiction this past summer. I have been able to contain myself recently only because I know I have another one on the way and I don't know what he/she is yet ;)

    Have a fabulous birthday weekend!


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