So much has been going on lately that I just flat out haven't had time to share. Our weekends are so jammed packed and these three munchkins keep me busy. They are growing so fast, doing so much and we're always swamped! And I totally forgot about Foodie Friday this week!

These kiddos love their Papa.

At the beginning of the month Travis and I went to a concert that we've wanted to see for years: Bon Jovi.
And let me just say, that man puts on a fantastic show. It was one of the best concerts I've ever gone to, and he has so much energy! It was just so much fun and a much needed date night for Travis and myself! 

Travis would typically be hunting right now but plans changed and now he doesn't leave for a few more days. So while I planned on doing some extra blogging while he was gone, it hasn't been done.

Also the whole gall bladder thing is always there. While I have not had any issues quite like the one that landed me in an ambulance, I've had multiple occasions where I hurt and would have liked to curl up in a ball on my bed, but you moms know, that's not an option. I did, however, make it in to see a Dr regarding the issue and I will be having my gall bladder removed on Nov. 8th. While the surgery/recovery seems rather minor, I will still be down for 1-2 weeks and not able to lift for 4 weeks. With a 1 year old it makes that basically impossible.

Travis will be taking a few days off and my mom and sister live close by. But when Summer goes down for a nap twice a day and has to be lifted into her car seat to leave the house, it means I need whatever help I can get for a while. I'm totally fine with not leaving the house for a while, but not being able to lay her down and pick her up from her nap will be a challenge hard to overcome. Especially when right now she is still waking sometimes 3 times per night to nurse.

Zachary is enjoying 6th grade and rotating classes. He's loving Math and Science and has always enjoyed reading but it's great to watch him really bloom this year. I felt like the difference between 5th and 6th grade has been huge and I'm excited for what is to come. They still have a lot of projects, field trips, etc. coming up this year and I know he is just going to enjoy all of it. Not to mention 6th grade graduation at the end of the year. (I'm already sobbing!)

Tyler is doing so good with potty training. He wears underwear all the time except at night, though he wakes up dry every morning. He is great about telling us that he has to go to the bathroom and especially loves using the bathroom at the grocery store. His favorite answer to anything is "I don't know" then he'll typically answer your question and this boy loves to talk about poop. He even told me that it's his favorite word. I guess that shouldn't surprise me considering we spend a lot of time talking about potty training.

Summer is great too, walking all over the place and as of a couple of nights ago she has 5 teeth coming in right now, 3 of which are molars. And let me just tell you, we are getting no sleep around here. She has been waking up during the night and not wanting to go back to sleep, which makes things hard considering her and Tyler share a room. A couple of nights ago Summer was crying and I was waiting to go get her until I heard Tyler say, "stop it!" and then he said, "mom, come get Summer". Then he said to Summer, "it'll be okay". Typically, he sleeps through anything but like I said, no one is getting much sleep lately! Summer is still very petite but she is starting to fit into some of her 12 month clothes and is wearing a lot of 9 month clothes still. Keeping a hair band in is a challenge, it's totally hit and miss.

I have lots more coming up and I'm looking forward to sharing! And don't forget about the Tuesday Top 10. This next Tuesday we'll be sharing our favorite candy, with it being Halloween week and all, it's only fitting, right? I'd love for you to come link up!

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